Protect Your Future by Establishing a Trust

Whenever the question arises about the protection of your assets or your loved one’s future, the majority tends to invest in establishing a trust. If you’re looking for an agency that helps you with the legal documentation of building a trust, you need to not look elsewhere.

Why establish a trust?

There might be several reasons for which one could tend to establish a trust. These include:

  • Asset’s protection
  • Anonymity and confidentiality
  • Tax planning purposes
  • Inheritance planning (to avoid inheritance legislation in certain countries)
  • Estate management etc.

But whatever your interest may be, our experts are available to lend you a helping hand and guide you in running all the affairs of your trust smoothly.

We aim to help you establish your own trust

At Lexart Corporate Services, we aim to help you establish your own trust within Cyprus and the outside world which includes such popular destinations for trusts settlement as BVI, Seychelles, Cayman Islands, Panama, Belize, UK, Hong Kong and a few more to name.

Work as A Trustee

A trustee, being an integral part of a trust, should have the capability to run your business smoothly. This fact makes Lexart Corporate Services distinguishable from the rest as our team of experts has the potential to run your business flawlessly in all types of environments.

Trust Building Criteria

Residency in Cyprus

A person or corporation to whom you qualify as your trustee must be a permanent resident of Cyprus. Whereas the beneficiary or settlor may or may not be a permanent resident of the country.

Immovable Property

If you are willing to make your trust a part of Cyprus International Trust, then your trust must not possess an immovable property within Cyprus.

Why Choose Lexart In this Aspect?

We are not only a registered firm but also offer you the assistance of our industry-leading experts who clearly understand and know how to tackle every situation.

Team of Experts

Our team of experts not only guides you in choosing the right location for your trust but in addition to it, they will also assist you in this field in legalities as well.


Contrary to all other firms whose charges are a lavish and pretty penny, at Lexart Corporate Services, you will witness it inconsistently. Our services are economical and up to date as well with the help and guidance of industry experts, our charges may seem very little.

Friendly Staff

Our responsive and effective staff makes your work their priority and each one of them works really hard to bring your project to completion as soon as possible.

So, without further ado, contact us to get the expert assistance of our experts in establishing your trust for protecting your future as well as for your dear ones!