Legal Services

Your Legal Partner at Every Step of Your Business

Often individuals and businesses are entangled in complex litigation matters that necessitate expert legal advice. Whether you are aiming to immigrate, need tax, shipping or banking law advice, you would require the services of an expert lawyer or require legal aid.

We at Lexart Corporate Services are delighted to offer legal services to our clients through the network of our legal professionals specializing in different aspects and fields of both Cyprus and International law. We steadfastly guide our clients and help them deal with matters that mean the most to them.

We aim to solve the difficult legal issues that concern our clients. Whether those are complex transactional, regulatory, constitutional, or personal issues, we at Lexart Corporate Services are here to help you out with all your legal requisitions!

A Glimpse of Legal Support Services that we Offer

We work to provide seamless and integrated legal services for every client. Our team of legal advisors offer expert advice across a wide range of specialized practice areas which include:

Banking and Finance

Our finance lawyers provide advice on all aspects of financial and security matters. They help clients navigate through a complex legal and regulatory landscape.

Corporate and Commercial

Clear and intelligent commercial contracts are of great importance to every company. We have expertise in high-value transactional and advisory work.


Tax compliance is challenging for any company big or small and requires specialist team planning. We at Lexart Corporate Services support our clients at every legal step possible.

Family and Child Support

Our family lawyers are experts at providing legal advice for divorce and mutual separation. We also are well-versed in child protection and support laws.


Immigration plays a key role in global mobility. With an ever-increasing rate of demand for immigration services, our immigration lawyers can guarantee a smooth and hassle-free settlement abroad.

Why Choose Us for Your Legal Aid?

Simplified & Expert Legal Advice

At Lexart Corporate Services we ensure that our clients get expert legal advice through a simplified process. We assess our clients’ legal issues and provide clear insight into complicated legal matters before processing your case.

Vast Industry Exposure

By leveraging our competencies and with the help of our technical expertise, our team can provide customized legal help to our clients in reaching their desired particular objectives and legal goals.

Client-Centered Legal Services

For legal advisors at Lexart Corporate Services, it is our clients that matters the most. We ensure that you receive unambiguous and understandable legal advice that is practical and implementable. Also, we prioritize your privacy and ensure that your legal matters are kept confidential.

Legal Confidentiality

Legal professionals at Lexart Corporate Services are keenly aware of the immense importance of legal confidentiality. For us, your legal information is of utmost importance and we ensure that your privacy is maintained at every step of the legal proceeding.