Immigration Services

One-Stop Solution to All Your Immigration Needs

You can never have enough reasons, as to why you want to immigrate, but the thought can always exist that the process might be too long. Alongside this, the fear of not being able to find a company or agent you can trust to handle all the work for smooth immigration can be very daunting.

Well then, such anxious thoughts should end here. Lexart Corporate Services is extensively experienced in the field of immigration and offers a wide range of services for you to enjoy. Be it for a temporary residency or a permanent settlement, we can assure you that you are in safe hands.

How Do We Simplify Your Immigration Process?

Lexart Corporate Services always tries to provide crystal clear information about the eligibility criteria to our customers.

Along with this, a legal assessment report assessing your eligibility before you initiate the immigration process with us may be additionally prepared and provided upon your request or in case of necessity. This assessment report assures you that you are investing your time and money in the right place.

Main Categories of our available Immigration services

Below are the main categories of immigration applications that we are currently offering to our customers:

  • Permanent Residency Permits/Regulation 6(2)
  • Visitor Permits
  • Registration certificates (based on nationality)
  • Work Permits (Employees in Companies of Foreign Interest)
  • Family Reunification

Our years of assembled professionals form a brilliant team of individuals who are ready to advise and guide you through a smooth and successful procedure. We take full pride in the fact that we are fully equipped to deal with the above offers with a complete guarantee that you will not have to go anywhere else for any side operation.

What do we Have to Offer?

World Class Customer Care

We aim to develop positive communication between clients and ourselves which is backed by a proper legal agreement including and not limited to a clear refund policy. Additionally, we always try to make our clients feel relaxed and comfortable by giving them all the important information required during the entire process of immigration and visa services.

Qualified Professionals

Moreover, we give high attention to your profile and for that, we have an incredibly talented team of documentation & operations to determine the success of your immigration plans.

Information Security

Cybersecurity and hacking aren’t just buzzwords to us but important potential means to tackle our valuable customers. We keep your information safe which you graciously submit to us with great trust.

Our extended network infrastructure uses the latest top-notch technology along with the highest level of encryption to keep you and your data in the most secure way possible. You can as well rest assured that your information is secure and will stay confidential with us.