Administrative & Secretarial Services

Establish and Support Your Business in Foreign Lands

Owing a legal entity that is not located in your native country can be burdensome, as all laws require companies to maintain a regulatory and legislative framework according to foreign laws.

We at Lexart Corporate Services are aware that fulfilling tremendous amounts of paperwork can be a hectic and cumbersome job. Moreover, keeping a keen eye on the effective management of the company while you are not physically present in the country can be a tiresome and expensive job.

To avoid getting entangled in burdensome paperwork and documentation, you can delegate the administration of your company to professionals at Lexart Corporate Services.

Why Do You Need Company Secretarial Services?

Cyprus Law

If a company is registered in Cyprus, then the law necessitates the legal owners of the company to appoint a company secretary.

The role of a company secretary

A company’s secretary is required to fulfill the managerial duties and ensure that the company abides by the legal, statutory and regulatory commitments required by the country’s jurisdiction in which the company is located.

You can never go wrong with one

There are high risks of fines and cancellation of permits if a company fails to comply with the local statutory and legal framework of the country where it is located. This is why you need a trusted source that can make sure you do not end up in tough waters legally.

Orchestrating your Company on an Everyday Basis

Secretarial Services
We at Lexart Corporate Services will shoulder the responsibilities of:
  • Composing and publishing of meeting points and details
  • Attendance at board or shareholder meetings
  • Maintaining the company’s records
  • Other miscellaneous running operations of your company

Corporate Administrative Services
Lexart Corporate Services can offer assistance and support in respect of:
  • Creation of bank accounts
  • Maintenance of legal records
  • Maintaining company registers for shareholders, members and tax records
  • Provision of advice on changes in jurisdictional laws
  • Implementation of directors’ and shareholders’ decisions
  • Safekeeping of the company’s records and relevant documents

What makes us stand out from the rest?

Extensive Network of Professionals Worldwide

We are a company with an extensive network of legal professionals based in multiple countries around the globe. With our connections, we can ensure expert administrative and secretarial services to both local and international companies.

Client-Centered Services

Lexart is all ears to your concerns. We pay immense attention to the needs of our clients and their legal and regulatory concerns. We know that operating a company in a foreign land is cumbersome, and thus we are here to offer a one-stop solution to all your administrative needs.

A Cost-Effective Alternative

We offer custom services to our clients for the successful management of day-to-day operations. Instead of maintaining physical staff in a foreign land and spending extensive sums of money, Lexart Corporate Services offers a cost-effective and convenient alternative by ensuring staff presence in your offshore entity.