Accounting & Audit Services

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Are you exhausted from constantly examining and maintaining the financial records of your business? Has your previous experience with audit and accounting service providers not been good? Are you searching for reliable and efficient accountants and auditors? Then look no further! Lexart is here to handle all your corporate needs.

We at Lexart offer you world-class meticulous and accurate audit and accounting services at fairly reasonable prices, without being heavy on your wallet.

What are Accounting and Audit Services at Lexart?

Accounting and Auditing

Our accounting services involve encapsulation, recording and organization of your business’s economic events to provide financial and non-financial information to be used in future decision-making.

We perform a thorough audit that involves a deep analysis of your accounts to ensure whether the recorded information fully reflects your economic events.

Internationally Certified Accountants and Auditors

Our Cyprus-based company comprises an accountancy department with internationally certified and accomplished accountants and auditors.

We Design Custom Solutions to Best Cater to Your Needs

An important indicator of the long-term success of a business is its financial record. Based on client needs, the accounting department of Lexart Corporate Services designs customized accounting and audit solutions such that our customers’ needs could be fulfilled in the best manner.

Given the present dynamic and ever-changing environment, we ensure that we can help you achieve your financial aspirations efficiently and effectively.

What Sets Us Apart?

Why should you opt for accounting and audit services provided by Lexart? Why not others? The following points determine the answer and sum up the solution succinctly:


Lexart Corporate Services provides you with cost-effective solutions for the accounting and audit requirements of your business. Simply put, choose Lexart, choose efficacy.

Service Prowess

We at the sub-sector of Accounting and Audit, have the best accountants and auditors. You could entrust us with the accounting and auditing domains of your business confidently.


We provide you our services according to international accounting standards with subtle timeliness. Your confidence is the most valuable to us and we reach up to your expectations on time.


If you require any revision or change in the financial record, we are open to revising and improving the services for you.

Accounting and Audit Services - At a Glance and Explained

Our services are available and beneficial for all individuals and businesses ranging from big conglomerates to small companies.

Accounting Services


We will carefully record the financial transactions of your business or organization with source documents for all the operational and transactional events of your business.

Financial Record Maintenance

With our well-versed accounting personnel, we maintain and update the financial record of your organization to aid you in making decisions in the favor of your organization.

Payroll and Social Security Services

It will not be wrong to say that employees are the backbone of any company. We provide you with the service of preparing and maintaining employee payrolls including documentation of social insurance contribution, health insurance, personal income tax, etc.

    Other Services
  • Preparation of financial reports and monthly management reports in compliance with the International Financial Reporting Standards (IFRS)
  • Making of invoices that record company-client transactions
  • Preparation, registration, and submission of Tax, Income Tax, Value-Added Tax (VAT), VAT Information Exchange System (VIES), and INTERSTAT
  • Provision of Tax Residency Certificates (TRCs)
  • Conversion of accounts in accordance to IFRS
    Audit Services
  • Audit of annual financial statements for submission to authorities
  • Internal audit function
  • Specific purpose audits and investigations