Company Formation Services

Registering Local and International Companies Made Effortless

As the world gets more refined, more people realize the potential of starting their own businesses instead of working a regular 9 to 5 job. Thousands of people begin their startups. However, only a handful of them succeed in reaching the epitome.

Lexart Corporate Services can help you register your first startup or existing business across all the major parts of the world. Company formation is the first step of the ladder of success of any business. That’s why we help you create a rock-solid foundation so that your enterprise runs smoothly in the years to come.

Purchase a shelf company or request for a brand-new registration

Here at Lexart Corporate Services, we provide you with two entirely different yet convenient company formation options. A shelf company refers to any company that is premade. As usual, we keep a list of companies that are ready to do business. You can select a company from that list and make it yours (available upon request).

Secondly, we offer you the opportunity to form your company from scratch. Take charge of every inch and personalize it as per your liking.

What you need for registering your company from scratch

Registering a company is no rocket science. It requires only some elementary details that are essential to determine your credibility and your business’s scale. We have the expertise and knowledge to successfully form your company according to the unique requirements of your business. These include registration of your company’s name, jurisdiction, address, contact details, and a brief of the activities.

Creating a company from rock bottom made reasonably straightforward

Lexart Corporate Services offers exclusive packages that come with other services included. You just need some legal documents and the capital to create and register your company. We provide you with all the certificates once the process is completed.

Don’t want to waste time in the complicated logistics? We have a solution!

People run away from the complexities associated with company formation and rightfully so! You can sit back and relax once you opt for Lexart Corporate Services. We have premade shelf companies you can choose from. If not, we will fully assist you in creating a personalized company.

Why choose Lexart for company formation?

There are a lot of firms offering company formation services but not all of them are up to the mark. In fact, a vast majority of them are below par. Contrary to such firms, Lexart Corporate Services strives to provide premium company formation services all at an affordable price.

Tax Planning

People want their brand of choice to be self-sufficient. Therefore, Lexart Corporate Services tries to incorporate every complimentary service related to Company formation in its package.

All Legal Services Included

No one wants to pay for extra-legal paperwork. Lexart Corporate Services understands this and hence manages all the legal services on its own.

Accounting and Audit

A significant aspect following company formation is auditing and balancing finances. We take pride in saying that the audit-related services we provide are unparalleled by any other company to date.