Domiciliary & Nominee Services Worldwide

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Our Company provides you with nominee services and assists in the facilitation of confidentiality for your business and financial anonymity. We promise full confidentiality of the beneficial owner’s personal or other details.

Information security

We guarantee our customers that any detail concerning the beneficial owner, the shareholding structure or any other privilege information will never be disclosed without the proper previous consent of the beneficial owner unless the law has stated otherwise.

We assist you with all your queries

Our clients can be provided with either a corporate body or a physical person (or even both) to act as important positions such as Directors, Secretary or Shareholders. Our nominees will always be at the disposal of the clients, who will be tackling all the requested inquiries in a quick and efficient way.

Domicile requirements

While offshore jurisdictions may be having a registered office and an agent there suffice, ‘white list’ jurisdictions have a lot more domiciliation requirements. This varies a lot from country to country. In Cyprus, for example, the management and the control of a company has to be exercised from Cyprus in order for the company to be considered tax resident.

What Do We Have to Offer?

Domiciliation Services

Lexart Corporate Services as a licensed corporate service provider offers a complete range of domiciliation services for our international clients requiring a corporate home in the designated jurisdictions.

Additional Services

Plus, in addition to the minimum domiciliation requirements for the relevant jurisdiction, additional services are also offered which are designed to enhance the ‘substance’ of a company.

This could also aid in decreasing the risk of having the tax residency of the company successfully challenged by the tax authorities of any other jurisdiction.

Nominee Services

Even though in most situations this is not a domiciliation prerequisite, many of our corporate clients still opt for our reliable nominee shareholder’s service.

Who is a Nominee Shareholder?

If you would like to know more, a nominee shareholder is a person, or a legal entity, who would be holding shares of a company on behalf of the real beneficial owner using a deed of trust.

Which Nominee Services Do We Provide?

Numerous publicly available records held in certain jurisdictions also list the names of the nominee shareholders. Therefore, our nominee services guarantee the protection of the anonymity of the beneficial owner of the designated company.

The following nominee services are provided by our company:
  • Nominee Director services
  • Nominee Secretary services
  • Nominee Shareholder services
  • Provision of Registered Office


Letter of Indemnity

An appointment of a nominee director is always followed by a letter of indemnity. Apparently, it is according to which the beneficial owner pledges to help them indemnify the nominee director in case of any loss, expenditure or liability incurred, and thus are in connection with the full provision of the nominee services.

Laws Concerning the Nominee Director

Legally, the directors are liable for any actions or omissions of the company and therefore the nominee director shall properly follow the instructions of the beneficial owner. This obedience follows to the extent that the nominee director does not conflict or contradict the law.

The Right to Contract Termination

Usually, an open-dated resignation letter which is dutifully signed by the nominee director is provided to the beneficial owner(s), ensuring that they will hold the rights, at any given time, to end the services of the nominee and hence also appoint a director of their choice for the post of director of the company.