About us

Who We Are

A Trust-worthy Firm for Corporate Management Services

Lexart Corporate Services is a young but very promising and ambitious company in its continuous striving to achieve status of one of the leading corporate management firms in Cyprus that offer personalized corporate services to various enterprises and individuals, within the country’s borders and around the globe.

Based in Limassol, Cyprus, we specialize in providing business administration and fiduciary services to both foreign and local corporations. Lexart Corporate Services also offers professional advice about all the legalities concerning the launch of your business in other countries, including popular offshore jurisdictions.

Our highly skilled staff including experts from accounting, finance and judicial backgrounds, are concerned with catering to individuals from the corporate sector according to their needs and requirements while also advising them about any potential gains in the market.

Why Choose Us

We take pride in assisting businesses and individuals in achieving their business objectives. With an advanced area of expertise in both finance and legal domains, we help different companies gain exponential returns in terms of money and reputation.

  • Mission

    We work hard every day to achieve excellence in our ideas, dealings and communication by guiding companies towards new frontiers. We strive to help and guide businesses and individuals in every way possible to the best of our ability.

    At Lexart Corporate Services, we aim to provide an ultimate level of satisfaction to our clients because we believe in achieving our milestones by helping other corporations and companies accomplish their goals.

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  • Vision

    We envision becoming one of the largest corporate agencies, not only in the vicinity of Cyprus but throughout the world as well. In our dedication to becoming number one, we break all barriers in providing optimum services to our customers to make them stick with us forever.

Apart from a healthy business environment at the firm, we offer:

Extensive Range of Services

We offer an array of services ranging from immigration services to domiciliary and nominee services. We also assist our clients with administration, accounting and auditing services depending upon their company’s needs.

Innovative Solutions

Our staff is proficient in providing timely and innovative solutions to your problems. We greatly emphasize providing you with all the right tools and strategies for the easy, efficient and constant growth of your business model.

Advanced Business Tactics

By formulating advanced business tactics and building innovative tax minimization strategies by certified financial and legal experts, we focus on helping you achieve every milestone.

We Are Reliable

We at Lexart Corporate Services understand how crucial it is to have a well-trusted firm by your side that you can always depend upon. Our reliability comes from our deep expertise in the industry, and you can always expect us by your side through all your legislations.

We Value Our Clients

We strongly believe in customer satisfaction and deem their choices and opinions highly important. It is our primary focus to keep you satisfied at all times and keep your company growing.

Our Compassion Towards You

Moreover, we are extremely friendly, responsive, supportive, and easy to work with. We express pride in working with our clients and helping them through every stage of their business.