Administrative & Secretarial Services

Owing a legitimate element that isn’t situated in your local nation can be oppressive, as all laws require organizations to keep an administrative and authoritative structure as per unfamiliar laws.

We at Lexart Corporate Services know that satisfying colossal measures of desk work can be a feverish and lumbering position. Also, watching out for the viable administration of the organization while you are not actually present in the nation can be a tedious and costly work.

To try not to get snared in troublesome desk work and documentation, you can designate the organization of your organization to experts at Lexart Corporate Services.

  • Cyprus Law: In the event that an organization is enlisted in Cyprus, the law requires the legitimate proprietors of the organization to designate an organization secretary.
  • The role of a company secretary: An organization’s secretary is needed to satisfy the administrative obligations and guarantee that the organization submits to the legitimate, legal and administrative responsibilities needed by the country’s purview where the organization is found.
  • You can never go wrong with one: There are high dangers of fines and scratch-off of licenses if an organization neglects to agree with the nearby legal and lawful structure of the nation where it is found. This is the reason you need a confided in source that can ensure you don’t wind up in extreme waters lawfully.

Secretarial Services: We at Lexart Corporate Services will shoulder the responsibilities of:

  1. Composing and publishing of meeting points and details
  2. Attendance at board or shareholder meetings
  3. Maintaining the company’s records
  4. Other miscellaneous running operations of your company

Corporate Administrative Services: Lexart Corporate Services can offer assistance and support in respect of:

  1. Creation of bank accounts
  2. Maintenance of legal records
  3. Maintaining company registers for shareholders, members and tax records
  4. Provision of advice on changes in jurisdictional laws
  5. Implementation of directors’ and shareholders’ decisions
  6. Safekeeping of the company’s records and relevant documents
  • Extensive Network of Professionals Worldwide: We are an organization with a broad organization of lawful experts situated in numerous nations all throughout the planet. With our associations, we can guarantee master managerial and secretarial administrations to both neighborhood and worldwide organizations.
  • Client-Centered Services: Lexart is acutely attentive to your interests. We give massive consideration to the necessities of our customers and their legitimate and administrative concerns. We realize that working an organization in an unfamiliar land is unwieldy, and along these lines we are here to offer a one-stop answer for all your regulatory necessities.
  • A Cost-Effective Alternative: We offer custom administrations to our customers for the fruitful administration of everyday tasks. Rather than keeping up with actual staff in an unfamiliar land and going through broad amounts of cash, Lexart Corporate Services offers a savvy and advantageous option by guaranteeing staff presence in your seaward element.
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